✝ about me ✝






✝ notes + dfi ✝

i cant ask to follow

im on @gothdf more

dm for like. kin stuff or other info u rly need.

im quiet n bad at interacting i think but i love making friends so feel free to dm me or ask fr my line/discord

i have a job and go to college so i'm not here 24/7, please dont unfollow for inactivity

almost anyone can follow me, but if ur nasty i will block u. dont follow if ur racist/transphobic/homophobic/pedo/etc i have no time or tolerance fr u


✝ interests ✝

jjba / pkmn / mother / hxh / touhou / bnha / mcr / tg

music / fashion / makeup / ocs

misc shows / goth stuff / dying / enstars / idk

animals / aes shit / paranormal / horror